Studio 250 serves as a photographer's co-op studio and as an online resource for anyone needing a particular type of photography. Our resident photographers and affiliates can offer a wide range of photography including travel, wedding, product, fashion, portrait, corporate, fine art, and lifestyle. This an affordable studio alternative for the beginner who wants to experiment with lighting or for the professional who needs a studio for an important client.

We also serve local designers for their growing need of high quality images for social media promotion.  If you are local designer and have a camera, we will integrate your camera into our lighting system and dial in the settings. From there, your can take your own photos of your creations. How fun is that? If you don't have a camera, you can rent a Nikon P7800 for $10 per session.

Studio Rental - contact Duncan at 828-275-4774 or

Rates... *room only: $25/hr (no assistance/bring your own lighting)
*room/equipment/light assistance: $30/hr - popular with designers, beginning photographers, or photographers with little lighting gear and/or experience. Includes access to lighting gear, modifiers, etc.
There is a three hour minimum for rental sessions. A studio resident will be on site during all shoots. 


By appointment only / cash, check, and credit cards accepted (3% charge on credit card transactions)

directions to the studio...

The studio is located at 191 Lyman Street (studio 250). It is in a big brick warehouse called Riverview Station. If you are at 12 Bones Barbecue and follow the river towards Biltmore Avenue (east), it will be less than a mile on the left. Pull into the second parking lot at the far end of the building. You will see an outdoor dog training center in front. The bottom corner studio will have a big sign for Jonas Gerard Studio. My studio is just above it. The entrance to that side of the building is around the corner behind Jonas Gerard Studio. Take the stairs to the second floor and turn left at the top of the stairs. We are on the left. Studio 250. 

Equipment includes 3-Flashpoint 620M, 1-Flashpoint Rovelight, C-stand complete, regular stands, radio triggers, Tripods, heavy boom stands. sandbags, large 40x56 softbox with grid, 2-12x36 softboxes with grids, umbrellas, reflectors, v-flats, seamless paper backgrounds (white/gray/black), 2-muslin backdrops, couches, and other props. There are other old lights/modifiers that can be added in for more complex lighting. The studio has a dressing area and restrooms. 

video by Rudy Aguilar of Paperstreet Fotography / clothing: Airweaver Apparel / makeup: Carisse Alexandra / hair: Nikki Geirisch / photographers, Chris Wood, Rudy Aquilar, Abi Fields, and Duncan Chaboudy / models: Kay Marie Hill, Vida Peppers, Carisse Alexandra, and Erin Hoffman