Throughout the years, my photography has been motivated by the excitement of creating an interesting image. If I am walking through the forest or geared up in the studio, I look forward to capturing a moment in time that is meaningful in some way. Being a portrait photographer brings another variable in to the image that makes photography that much more fulfilling. The human face is probably the most identifiable images in the world. The expressions of the face combined with the available light and visual perspective provide infinite possibilities for photography.

With the ability to influence factors such as expression, light, and perspective, I am able to deliver particular images for my clients' needs. Each client is unique with his or her appearance and particular needs for the images. Some people need a professional head shot to convey confidence and credibility. Head shots for modeling, acting, and personal profile all have the power to give you legitimacy and the crucial edge you need in today's competitive world. A quality head shot is a sure way to draw the right attention to you and help realize your goals. With any type of professional head shot, you want to look your very best.  

Normal pricing...

*Head Shots/portraits - Two outfits, four final, fully edited, high resolution, digital images. $299 plus tax. Each additional look (outfit change) - $50. 

*Weddings - Since weddings vary so much from event to event, I like to consult with the wedding party before giving a quote. Generally the fee could be estimated at $500 per hour of event time. 

What to expect can you expect on a portrait shoot?

I look forward to all photo shoots. If I am taking pictures of artwork or a sporting event, I really enjoy it. Most of my photography assignments are portraits. There are many styles of portraits, but I find myself mostly shooting headshots.

Headshots are the most popular request, because people need them as a profile photo for a website, public event, or news article. Even though headshots are the most popular, they seem to be the shot that clients feel the most uncomfortable doing. Most clients have never had a headshot before and might be nervous or confused on what to do. It is really quite simple, since I will guide you through the whole process.

The most important thing for you to do is to come ready. Hair, makeup, and clothes are the three things to focus on. Men mainly concentrate on hair and clothing. Come to the photo shoot ready. The final images will show a lot of detail, so grooming the face is important. Before the shoot, take a second look to see if there is unwanted nose hair, eyebrow hair, or ear hair. This will make the editing a lot easier.

I do retouch all of the headshots, to a certain degree. Per request, I can to as little or as much as you want me to do. But normally, I remove things that are temporary or unintended like pimples, out of place hair, and skin discoloration. I normally keep wrinkles in, but do reduce the overall appearance of them during editing. Moles and scars I leave in, unless you want me to remove/reduce them.

What to wear? I leave that up to you. Generally, I recommend something nice and presentable. It can be a t-shirt or a suit and tie. Either way, make sure that the clothing is wrinkle free and and lint free. I think mid tone colors are always nice for portraits. Try to avoid choosing bold patterns such as plaid, stripes, or polka dots. It is also a good idea to avoid graphics and logos on your clothing. I want the focus to be on you and not what you are wearing.

Photo shoots are fun and I will put you in a great frame of mind when we are shooting. The goal is to make you look as good as you can. If you are like me, you can think of times when someone took a casual picture of you and you just hated it. You might also remember a time when you saw a photo of yourself and though it was pretty good. You might have even cropped it and enlarged it to try to use the photo as a profile picture. My goals is to get “the look” that you like most about yourself. I want you to be happy with your image and give you confidence putting that image out there for the world to see. Whether your audience is your fans, employees, or customers, your portrait is very important.


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