Faerie Arts Fashion Show

It has been a while since I blogged about anything, so I figured that I should make a post. Since my favorite genres of photography are portrait, fashion, and band, I made it a point to attend the Naughty Faerie Fashion Show last month. Not only is it a great place to get some interesting photographs, but it is a great place to meetup with photographer buddies and meet some new ones. 

model: Jesse Wieczorek
wings: Sarah Lambert of Uberkio
makeup: Landof Nod
designer: Dawn Sadler / Maid of Mars

In Asheville there are three or four groups of people who put on fashion shows. The main event for the day was the Second Annual Faerie Arts Festival. This festival is a Bioflyer Productions fundraiser for Eblen Charities. For the second year in a row, chief organizer Rock Eblen held the event at The Renaissance Hotel in downtown Asheville. The daytime activities featured dancers, vendors, musicians, and magic. The evening segment was fashion show organized by Sarah Merrell. Sarah has been very instrumental in much of the events in the modeling/fashion community. She is also the administrator of the very popular Facebook page Asheville Model Network

model: Emma D 
body paint: Ren Allen
hair: Ren Allen

model: Selena Luna LaFleur
designer: Maria Llabres & VaVaVoom
hair: Zhenya Lazarchuck

model:  Kelsey Anne Carter
designer: Susan Sertain

This particular fashion show was open to all photographers. Photographers were even allowed to bring in lighting and backgrounds. During the day, I went back and forth wondering what photo gear I should bring. Finally, I decided to go ultra-light and only brought a camera, an extra lens, and a flash. The lighting was very dim, so I had to really hold the camera still. There were a few times when I used the flash with a slow shutter speed to get some images with swirly lights for a different look.