Fly on the Wall

It has been a while since I posted a blog. All of the while, I have been busy trying new lighting techniques and working with various clients for a wide range of assignments. I am happy to share the fact that I have studio space in the River Arts District. The RAD Photographer's Studio brought me in as resident photographer to have free reign over the gear. 

The next day, after paying studio dues, I thought, "Hmm, who could I call to see if they you be interested in a photo shoot?" I remembered that Joel Rios of Asheville band Jacked Up Joe had mentioned that he'd be game. I messaged him and he replied, "Hell year Bro!" I was glad he was available and knew that it would turn out to be a fun and relaxed shoot. 

I've known Joel throughout the years, from being a performing musician myself with the band Opus Grey. Joel's bands would often play the same Asheville clubs as we did. One of Joel's former band's was Ironside. Members of this band went on to join/create other current local/regional bands such as Gutterhound, Downslave, and Jacked Up Joe

The fact that we knew each other and that we both have a strong love for heavy music, I figured that a shoot would be easy going. It was. Throughout my years of being a photographer, I have always gravitated to portraits and landscapes. But, to be more specific... musicians and mountains. I guess that is because I have been a guitar player since the seventh grade and have loved to hike in the mountains since high school. It never seems like work when I am taking photos, but it is a real treat to do band photography or to take off on a trail by myself.