Asheville Headshot Photography

musician and hair stylist Holiday Childress

musician and hair stylist Holiday Childress

Over the years, I have tried my hand at a lot of different genres of photography. Most recently, I find that most enjoyment can be found in portrait and headshot photography. Asheville is a wonderful city to "get lost" in your craft and it is also a great place to find yourself. 

Whether a client is needing corporate headshots for business or theatrical headshots for acting, I spend the first part of the session just talking. I really, really don't like to get my picture taken, so I can assume that most other people don't either. One of the keys to great headshots is to put the client at ease from the very onset of the meeting. Sure there are technical aspects that are needed for a great shot, but getting the person to connect with you (and the camera) is very important. 

professional headshot will Noora

professional headshot will Noora

Most portrait sessions are taken at my studio, since there is so much equipment available and weather is never an issue. Sometimes shooting on location is needed. While shooting in the studio is very familiar, I really love shooting on location. Weather it be on a downtown street or in a law office, I love the challenge and the variety of options on each location. 

Magic, metal, and fashion

Last weekend was all hands on deck with all of the assignments to cover. At first, a portrait session on Friday and a band shoot on Saturday seemed like a nice calm weekend of shooting. Late last week, Kelsey Anne Carter asked If I was available to shoot photos and video at the Weekend of Wonder Magic Show at Asheville Community Theater. I said there was no way, unless someone else could work with me take over when I have to go do the other shoots. All in all, it worked out nicely, because Rudy Aguilar of Paper Street Fotography was willing to tag team the three day magic show with me. Last weekend I think I took the most images that I have taken at one time. Here are some of my favorite images from last weekend...

Magician Maxwell Blade

L.A. Magician Eric Stephens

Asheville Metal Band - Amnesis